The ‘Company’ means 3G Event Catering Ltd.

‘The Client’ shall mean any person, body of persons, firm or Company that enters into the contract for the provision of goods and or services.

‘The Contract’ means any such contract between the client and the Company

‘The Price’ shall mean the total amount payable by the client to the Company for goods and services, including that of sub-contractors, specified in the contract. All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT where applicable.

‘The Cost of Goods’ means the amount payable under the contract specifying and relating only to the amount for provision of the food by way of the menu.

‘The Service’ means any goods or service to the client as specified in the contract.

‘The Event’ means the day or days of the event as specified in the contract.

‘Sub Contractors’ shall mean any service or goods other than that of the Company, supplied by a body, body of persons firm or Company under the contract to the client.

The Company’ accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of any sub-contractor, the sub-contractors staff or representative, service or equipment engaged for the client in any part for damage or loss.

In the case of suitability the Company will endeavours to employ a suitable sub-contractor for the provision of goods and services for the event.

In all cases the sub-Contractors Terms and Conditions will apply directly to the client even when contracted by the Company for the provision of goods and services under the contract.

‘Event Location’ access will be required to the event location by the Company, its staff, representatives and sub-contractors prior to and after the event for the purpose of setting up and clearing away.

Should restrictions apply by the client and their representatives or the event location and their representatives to the Company, its staff or representatives or sub-contractors, in carrying out their obligations under the contract that result in delay and subsequent additional cost, this cost will be charged to the client.

Should the Company assist the client in finding an event location for the event, suitability of the event Location, in all cases, lies with the client.

All terms & conditions laid down by the event location are the responsibility of the client with the Company acting on the clients behalf. The Company, its staff and representatives will at all times endeavour to work accordingly in the best interests of all parties concerned.

‘Terms and Conditions’ refers to these Terms and Conditions herewith.

‘Acceptance’ shall mean agreement of the contract by the Client by written confirmation or by payment of the deposit and deemed to constitute unsolicited acceptance of 3G Event Caterings terms and conditions.

The ‘Deposit’. On agreement of the Contract, written or otherwise, the client is liable to immediate payment of the deposit to confirm the booking. This shall be 25% of the overall price.

Upon prior agreement with the Company and the Client under the contract, it may be necessary for the Company to increase the deposit to a sum in excess of 25% of the price. This would usually occur when any sub-contractor or supplier costs are high.

Balance of the price must be received by the Company at least 14 days before the event without exception.

‘Cancellation’ In the event of any situation placed on the client causing cancellation of the Contract, the Company, without prejudice will levy a cancellation charge to the client. Cancellation up to 30 days of the event a charge will be incurred for out of pocket costs to the Company in the case of travel, planning, staff and food. Where money has already been paid by way of a 25% deposit, costs will be deducted from that money prior to a refund to the client.

Cancellation between 14 days and one week of the event will result in the Company charging up to 100% of The Price. The Company will cancel all staff, sub-contractors and will forward any moneys to the Client from such cancellations. (In the case of Sub Contractors please refer to paragraph 8.3).

Cancellation of one week or less of The Event, The Client will be accountable for 100% of The Price. The Company will cancel all staff, sub-contractors and will forward any moneys to the client from such cancellations but taking into account any additional out of pocket costs or losses. (In the case of Sub Contractors please refer to paragraph 8.3).

‘Contract Changes’ within 7 days of the event. If there is a decrease in guest numbers there may be no reduction in the price as provision will already have been made by the Company, sub -contractor or service provider under the contract. The payment of additional costs there is an increase in guest numbers (if feasible) are negotiated on an event by event basis.

Should a facility or service no longer be required for the event but already specified in the contract then cancellation terms will apply as in paragraphs 15, 15.1, 15.2, 15.3 & 16.

Should an additional facility or service be required not specified within The Contract within seven days of the event a levy may be charged by the Company or the sub-contractor for working outside or performing outside of their reasonable working practice in order to provide such facility or service?

Damage or Loss. In any event should there be damage or loss to equipment, whether accidental or malicious directly to The Company, Sub Contractor or the Event Location, the client will be held responsible.

Particular note should be made in the case of hire ware such as glasses etc. All breakages and unreturned equipment will be charged to the client in full and may be made under separate invoice. Terms then apply as in paragraphs 13 & 14.

‘Other‘ Where staff are employed beyond a ‘reasonable time’ whereby travelling home using public transport is impossible, staff are entitled to a travel allowance in order to pay for a taxi and this will be met by the client and factored into the overall price.

Staff will be required both before and after the event. This is to assist in setting up and clearing away. The Company will use discretion in employing staff to ensure their best practical use and minimise the cost to The Client.

Should the event continue beyond the contract time, staff will be charged at their hourly rate for any hour or part hour there-after? If this were to take staff beyond 11.30pm they will be charged at time and a half. Terms then apply as in paragraph 18. (It should be noted that staff are booked as per the Contract time and are not always able to be retained beyond this).

All staff will be charged for a minimum of four hours, including setting up and clearing away.

Unless in the case of proven gross negligence by the Company or malicious conduct or behaviour, no reimbursement for loss, damage or expense shall be made by the Company to the client.

Where if any, liability is accepted, it applies only to that of the services provided under the contract. That liability shall be no greater than the cost of goods.

The Company maintains both Public Liability Insurance and Employees Liability insurance. It is the responsibility of the Company to adhere to all relevant food safety legislation and best practice before, during and after the event.

It is the responsibility of the client to obtain insurance to cover, in any event, liability to the Company, sub-contractors, the event location or their guests.

The client remains solely responsible for food left at their request. The Company will otherwise dispose of or remove any leftover food.

Specific items on menus, decoration or other items to be supplied by the Caterer are subject to market availability and the Caterer shall notify the Customer as soon as practicable if any item will not be available on the Function Date.

‘Force Majeure’ The Company shall not have any liability under or be deemed to be in breach of the contract for any delays or failures in performance of the contract which result from circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Company. The client shall promptly notify the client in writing when such circumstances cause a delay or failure in performance.